Is this You?

In your naive years you certainly didn’t think about sun damage. Fun in sun…sun bathing by the pool, at the beach and playing sports. Applying sunscreen was inconvenient. The bronze look was in. 

Of course, you’ve learned more about skincare over the years, and certainly about sun care.  The fear of wrinkles is scary to people but the fear of skin cancer needs to be addressed. It is real, and it is frightening. Take steps now to protect yourself and your family from the sun. Use a sunscreen on your face and other exposed skin when outside in the sun. Do your face skin products have sunscreen with at least SPF30?

A survey found that only 29.9 percent of American Women and 14.3 percent of men use sunscreen on both their faces and other parts of their body.

Research the best skin care ~ sun care for you and your loved ones. It will protect you.  Remember your skin is the largest organ of your body, treat it with TLC. The healthy look is in.

Study: Most Americans don’t use sunscreen | American Academy of …